Linkle hyrule warrior legends.

In November of 2015 we learned of a new character for the legend of Zelda franchise called Linkle, her looks resemble that of links. She is a cheerful girl whose weapon is not a sword but two crossbows.

Now this may only be me but I’m excited for this new character and would love to see her in more games and more developments on her. Sadly Since hyrule warriors is a spin off game and non canon I doubt there will be any more Linkle after this. If there is ,it will be minor. Hopefully they’ll at least put her in super smash bro or something (which is highly unlikely being that midna, fi, and navi were never added) cause that would be awesome.
all in all I’m just full out excited.

Disclaimer:Legend of Zelda and the previous video are not owned my me. Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo, philips, koei tecmo, philips interactive media,koji kondo, shigeru miyamoto ,and more.


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