Pros and Cons of being a gamer girl

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Games can sometimes feel like they’re more directed for guys. Gaming and the internet both feel guy directed ,but some aspects of gaming have a certain appeal that attracts certain girls. Either these girls have been raised around video games or have stumbled upon them, still they love gaming.  For these girls gaming is full of excitement but it also has its downs. Here’s a least of the Pros and Cons of being a gamer girl.

  • You’ll have no problem attracting Guys

You always seem to awe the guys with your extensive knowledge of video games, the lingo, and the characters. Guys seem to love that they can talk to you about things they normally can’t talk to girls about, its so hot.

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  •  Being better at something can cause a problem.

Sure you can love video games. Sure you can beat guys in knowledge of video games. When it comes to game play, sometimes its a little hard to end up the winner. Guys are competitive in nature, they don’t even like when their bros beat them at something. So sometimes being beat by a girl makes it a little harder on them. But hey! They won’t die… it’s actually quite funny.

  • It’s surprisingly easy to strike up a conversation.

We’ve all been there. You’re just walking along and suddenly you see a shirt that is vaguely familiar. Just a simple ” I love your Street Fighter shirt” turns into a great conversation starter. You may even find this easier to say than hello.

  • There’s a theme in your wardrobe

Your friends can almost always predict what you’re going to wear. It’s not hard to do when your whole wardrobe consist of fandom shirts, pants, bracelets, earrings, pins, and the occasional cosplay outfit. You have a few casual things but……….when do you even wear them.

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  • You never feel lonely

You have your gamer friends, you have your link and cloud plushies, you have all the characters in your games. It’s not your average persons choice of friends but hey! You love them. Strangely with  just these you are really content.

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  • Real boys are kind of dull

It’s the same thing that happens with a book. You get that perfectly written up guy who is just everything you wanted, and yep…. Now you have a fictional crush. He is the hottest CGI character you’ve ever seen, he is brave, and strong, and just so manly. You don’t even care about real guys at this moment. This character is so real to you that you may write a fan fiction. You may even buy figurines. You may even talk about him to other people like he is real. Yep, all in all fictional crushes are the best.




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